Common Denture Repairs and Solutions

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For decades, dentures have been the practical treatment solution for missing teeth, and they still continue to be. Affordable quality dentures are a boon for those who desperately need to replace their missing teeth. Even the best dentures can cause some problems over time. Fortunately, dealing with denture repairs Sydney is easy. However, it’s essential to educate yourself about the most common denture problems and procedures to repair them in order to make informed decisions.

Take a look at the common denture problems:-


After all, dentures are false teeth made of certain materials. Even high-quality dentures can wear and tear over time due to constant usage. A denture wearer might need a few different types of repairs, and a reline is one of them. A reline is resurfacing the part of the denture where it has been worn out or damaged completely. Relining is a relatively easy and affordable procedure. You can fix this problem at any denture clinic Sydney.  

There are two types of relines available, including soft and hard reline. Compared to hard relines, soft relines are comfortable, and it’s usually done in the denture clinic. The dentist will add a liquid polymer into the denture to make it cushion soft. It’s a simple procedure and gives extraordinary comfort to denture wearers.

On the other hand, hard relines also help to fix the damaged dentures with a different material. The denture is reshaped using a resin that hardens the base of a denture. Compared to soft relines, hard relines are permanent ones. In addition, hard relines tend to last for an extended time as they use sturdy materials. Often, hard relines are done in the dentists’ office. However, if the denture is poorly damaged or broken, it should be reshaped in the lab, which can take additional time.


Rebasing is another type of common denture repair. This type of repair is recommended when the denture is still working, but has a crack or two and is old. Denture rebase is an affordable procedure that involves replacing the acrylic base of the denture to make it more stable without having to modify the entire denture, which could cost you more. However, denture rebase can take a longer time than relining.


Adjustments are usually performed the first time to make sure it snuggles perfectly into the patient’s mouth. However, adjustments are also made over time when dentures wear down or when the patient’s facial structure changes. This is because when you age, dentures might begin to loosen, creating discomfort as the jaw shape is changed. Adjustments can help make your dentures feel more comfortable.

If your denture doesn’t fit properly or you feel uncomfortable, or any other emergency denture repairs Sydney, we can get it fixed in no time. Please call our denture clinic Sydney for scheduling an appointment with our denture specialist.