Dental Mouth Guards

Custom Mouth Guards

Mouth guards play a very important role in oral health. They have many functions in our day to day lives especially for those who live an active lifestyle. From kids to adults, all can benefit from the comfort and protection that mouthguards can bring. You have the freedom to play your favorite sport and live with confidence without the worry about potentially breaking your tooth.   

Turramurra Denture Studio can manufacture the best mouth guard suitable for the purpose or activity. We can make you a custom mouth guard made from durable material and of high quality craftsmanship, our mouth guards are guaranteed to serve their purpose for a very long time. We have a highly qualified staff that can help clients get what they exactly need and want in their mouthguards. 

Recommended for contact activities, we can customize a sports mouth guard for people who participate in contact sports such as boxing, footy, basketball, ice hockey, rugby and much more. For those who prefer a low profile more natural looking mouthguard, we also have the option of a clear mouth guard, designed to your exact specifications.

Mouthguards for Kids

We also cater to children’s needs with our special kids mouth guard. Made of high quality and 100% safe materials, a fun custom designed mouthguard will make the kids excited to wear them. We can also produce a dental mouth guard for those who want protection from bite splints or nocturnal bite plates. The known benefits of this type of mouthguard include tooth damage prevention, enhanced sleep patterns and snoring prevention.

Turramurra Denture Studio is home for mouthguards Sydney. Our onsite dental laboratory where all prosthetics are made is one of the main factors why we can produce high quality products at reasonable prices. In addition to mouthguards, we also offer other services such as partial dentures, full dentures, relines and repairs, implant dentures and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most known materials used for producing mouthguards are vinyl, acetate and acrylic.

To prevent the growth of bacteria. A dental mouth guard should be cleaned thoroughly and dried after. Once you take it off, use cool water to rinse it and then use your toothpaste and toothbrush to clean it.

Many individuals who find themselves under stress a lot of times in a day wear their mouth guards a lot. By doing so, they can prevent themselves from unconsciously damaging their teeth during stressful situations.

A mouth guard can soften the impact of a blow to the face. The best mouth guard can decrease the risk of injuries to your jaw, face, tongue or lips. It can also reduce the risk of damaged teeth.

Because dental mouth guards are lightweight, practical and comfortable, they can decrease the stress and tension on jaw muscles and joints during sleep. They also prevent tooth damage, enhance sleep patterns and prevent snoring.

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