Dentures Cost

Without a doubt, dentures have worked wonders in the lives of many people. Today, if you lose a tooth due to injury, decay or damage there are natural looking replacements using partial dentures and full dentures. This solution will boost your self-confidence, enhance your appearance and even improve speech for many individuals. The next question is – how much do dentures cost?

How Much Is the Cost of Dentures?

In order to determine how much you have to pay for dentures, there are a number of factors to consider. First, you have to determine if what you need is a full denture or a partial denture. A partial denture will cost less than a full denture. Next thing to consider is the type of materials to be used. Dentures made of acrylic are less expensive than chrome-plated dentures.

Types of Dentures and Cost in Sydney

A conventional lower or upper denture may cost as much as $1,100 to $2,200 in Sydney. However, a full set (comprising a lower and upper) conventional denture may cost more at the range of $2,100 to $3,900. Here at Turramurra Denture Studio, our staff and technicians are trained to help clients understand and choose the best type of denture for them.

Denture Implants Cost

For clients who prefer a more permanent solution to their missing teeth, they can always explore the option of having denture implants. We will need to perform some tests to ensure if a client is suitable for implants. 

In terms of cost, denture implants are expected to cost a bit more than regular dentures because they offer a more permanent solution. One of the key factors that affect the denture cost Sydney is the exact number of teeth to be replaced. The cost may increase, if the client would need a sinus lift or bone graft. On the average, a denture implant would cost between $3,000 to $6,500 for every tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

A full denture is best for patients who have all their teeth missing. On the other hand, a partial denture is more suitable for patients who still have some of their teeth intact.

Dentures implants are the preferred choice of many clients because they usually last longer than dentures and bridges. They are more sturdy and it enables them to chew through types of food that are harder. Implants also look more natural so clients who get a denture implant leave feeling more confident and smile better thereafter.

Good candidates to have denture implants include non-smokers, those without gum disease and individuals with strong jaw bones.

For years, dentures and denture implants have proven to be effective and safe as teeth substitutes. They are usually made of materials that can work very well with our bodies.

The process of inserting one denture implant can take around 1 to 2 hours.

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