Make Dentures More Comfortable and Longer Lasting

Make Dentures More Comfortable and Longer Lasting
Photo by Jose Vazquez on Unsplash

Dentures are removable, false teeth that replace the original teeth you lost due to various damage or decay to the tooth. It  helps you chew, taste your favorite foods and protect the rest of your teeth from cracks or damage. It also improves your smile and facial esthetics. Researchers from 19 countries have found that 19% of the population wears some form of denture on average. This counts  almost 1 out of 5.

So, how do we make it comfortable and sustainable? These are some tips to make your dentures long lasting and secured yet comfy.

Denture clinic Sydney experts recommend using denture adhesive. Dentures can slip around in your mouth as you get used to them, so use denture adhesive to keep them in place.  As you know, dentures can break and wear out in time. Despite the fact that some high-priced cost of full set of dentures are more durable, dropping them on the floor can break or bend them, so take care when removing them from your mouth.

After eating, rinse your mouth. A minute of holding your removable denture under running water will help remove food and debris. Failure to do so may result in infection of the soft tissue beneath the denture. Remember to clean your dentures daily. If it’s not cleaned on a regular basis, they can develop stains and bad odors. As a result, use denture toothpaste or cleaner to clean them.

Then, remove your dentures while sleeping to allow your mouth tissues to heal from any soreness or irritation caused by them during the day

In addition, do not allow your dentures to dry out. They can warp if they become dry. Always keep them in a container with enough water to completely submerge the dentures and when you soak them, water should be cold or lukewarm, not hot. Dentists warn that submerging dentures in hot water can cause the plastic to melt and change shape.

When checking for comfortability, you should also keep an eye out if there are changes in fitting of your dentures. Your mouth’s bones and gums change over time, causing your dentures to loosen. Poorly fitting ones can also be an indicator of gum disease, resulting in sores, inflammation, burning, and pain. So, see your dentist on a regular basis to have them checked. You can always scan the full denture prices with your trusted clinic to check.

Caring for your mouth and gums is an important part of denture care. Personal hygiene, diet, and habits, such as teeth grinding, can all have an impact on how long your dentures last. If you take proper care of them, your new set of teeth should last you five to eight years.