What You Should Know About Denture Repair

What You Should Know About Denture Repair
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Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are custom-made for your mouth by your denture clinic Sydney dentists to replace missing or extracted natural teeth. Dentures can be full or partial, which means they can replace all teeth on either the top or bottom gum line, or just a few missing teeth. Whatever type of dentures you require, they will be custom designed to fit your mouth and visually match your existing teeth.

Not only will you be able to smile in front of others with a full set of teeth with dentures, but you will also be able to speak and eat comfortably! However, if your denture snaps unexpectedly, you must repair it right away. While dentures are made of solid, stable materials that last for many years, daily wear and tear can weaken certain areas, making it more suitable for breaking. The fact is that when you get older, the jawbone tends to change and changes in the jawbone can make it less appropriate for dentures.

Signs That Your Dentures Need Repair:

Modified Facial Appearance

The goal of dentures is to restore your smile to the way it was when you had natural teeth. If you notice any sudden and significant facial changes, such as wrinkles, a sagging jawline, or a more aged appearance, your dentures may need to be replaced or adjusted. Because your teeth play an important role in keeping your cheeks full and symmetrical, any changes in the fit of your dentures can be seen through facial features. If this happens, you can schedule in emergency denture repairs Sydney clinics that are open to address your issue immediately.

Bad Breath

Dentures must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis in order to last as long as possible and to avoid damage. If you start noticing bad breath and you clean your denture on a regular basis, the odor could be caused by a crack or stain. Examine your dentures for any visible stains or small cracks. If there are, see your denture repairs Sydney specialists as soon as possible to have them repaired.

Chewing Difficulties

It will take some time to adjust your chewing techniques after you receive your dentures for the first time. If your dentures begin to irritate your mouth after they were previously comfortable, this could indicate that they need to be adjusted and no longer fit your mouth properly. Regular adjustments are necessary to keep your denture fitting comfortably and your gums healthy.

Damaged Dentures

You may break a tooth or cause a crack if you drop your dentures by accident or put too much pressure on them by chewing too hard. Never use at-home adhesive to reattach a broken tooth to a denture because it can cause oral infection and further damage to the denture, requiring much more expensive repairs in the future.

Loose Fit

If your dentures suddenly become loose or slip out of your mouth, it could be due to a change in the shape of your gums. This is a fairly common problem that can be resolved with a denture adjustment.

Seeing your denturist or dentist on a regular basis for scheduled check-ups and making an appointment as soon as you notice an issue or discomfort will ensure that your dentures are well-cared for. Your denturist will also be able to detect early signs of complications and address them immediately.